LaserNetUS Meeting Agenda

August 19th:

Location: Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill

Directions from Hotel to Lazlo’s (3 min walk)

6:00 pm: Reception 

Day-1/August 20th:

Location: Lied Commons

Directions from Hotel to Lied Center Commons (8-min walk)

Session Chair: Arianna E Gleason-Holbrook

8:00 AM: Welcome Remarks (UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green, Don Umstadter)
8: 15 AM: FES perspective on HED: introducing LaserNetUS (James Van Dam, Kramer Akli)
9:00 AM: Overviews of laboratory capabilities (17 min each)
  • Colorado State University (Rocca)
  •  BELLA Laser Facility at LBNL (Leemans)
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln (Umstadter)
  • University of Michigan (Krushelnick)

10:10 AM: Coffee Break (15 min)

  • University of Texas Austin (Ditmire)
  • Jupiter Laser Facility at LLNL (Albert)
  • Ohio State University (Schumacher)
  • Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) at SLAC (Dyer)
  • University of Rochester MTW (Zuegel)

 12:15 PM Lunch

Location: Behlen Lab

Direction from Lied Commons to Behlen (5-min walk)

 1:30 PM: Parallel sessions (Behlen)

  • LaserNetUS management meeting
  • Lab tours (Group 1 begins at 1:30 pm and Group 2 begins at 2:30 pm)

Location: Morrill Hall

Directions from Behlen to Morrill Hall (5-min walk)

3:30 PM: Install posters (only for poster presenters)

4:00 PM: Poster session and networking part 1

5:00 PM: Poster session and networking part 2

Location: Champions Club

Directions from Morrill Hall to Hotel (13-min walk)

Directions from Hotel to Champions Club (11-min walk)

Directions from Morrill Hall to Champions Club (8-min walk)

6:30 PM: Cocktails

7:00 PM: Banquet Dinner

Day-2/August 21st:

Location: Lied Commons

8:30 AM: The scientific case for an open-access large-scale Petawatt Laser Facility in the U.S. (Chair: Roger Falcone)

  • NAS Recommendation-4: (Howard Milchberg) (20 min)
  • HEDSA perspective (Bedros Afeyan) (20 min)
  • Plasma Science Frontiers Report (Skiff) (20 min)
  • LaserNetUS representative (20 min)
  • LLE perspective (Campbell) (15 min)

10:30 AM: Coffee Break (20 min)

  • LLNL perspective (Wilks) (15 min)
  • SLAC perspective (Glenzer) (15 min)
  • LBNL perspective (Leemans) (15 min)
  • SNL perspective (Sinars) (15 min)
  • Other members of the HED scientific community (5 min each)

11:55 AM: Contest and prize awarded for best LaserNetUS logo

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Next facility roundtable discussion

2:30 PM: Adjourn

Additional Information:

1.  A campus map will be provided in your welcome packets.  But an online version is found here

2.  The hotel and conference will provide other transportation options